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Rethinking Transportation

We help communities create protected networks for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and other low speed modes.  


Public Health
& Safety

With safety as the prime directive, LEAN networks use barriers, simple bridges, off-road paths, tunnels, and retractable bollards to create LEAN Lanes™. In a world of distracted drivers, the key is redundant safety. ● Low speeds (<25 mph) are inherently safer, far less likely to result in fatalities and injuries. ● What’s more, LEAN networks become a platform for low cost, life-saving autonomous technologies so that everyone can benefit from them.

Low Cost
Mobility For All

We love our cars and trucks! But for many Americans, the $8,600 average annual cost to own, operate and maintain one is beyond reach. ● NEVs cost about one-quarter as much. Scooters, pedicabs, and motorized bicycles cost even less. ● Low cost mobility to jobs, schools and colleges improves social equity.
● With NEVs, seniors can stay connected and independent. There is even a wheelchair-becomes-driver-seat prototype.

Air Emissions
& Environment

Reducing air emissions is key. In fact, ’LEAN’ comes from Low Emission Alternative Networks. Clean air is nonpartisan. Does anyone want dirty air? ● LEAN networks work well with public transit as a first/last mile solution. ● Because these ‘tiny’ modes consume less of everything, from parking to energy. NEVs can charge at any 110 outlet. Because they are narrow and lightweight with small footprints, they dramatically reduce transportation’s impact on the environment.


Every U.S. president since 1970 has called for reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Energy independence is vital to national security. What better way to achieve this goal than with a market-driven approach? People can choose to go LEAN or not, whatever works best for them. Either way, all Americans benefit. ● LEAN networks as a low cost alternative will help communities strengthen economic resilience to cushion downturns or fluctuations in oil prices.

Tiny Transit for Cities: Cut Carbon Emissions in Your City Before It's Too Late by Susan Engelking, (2019) Kindle eBook

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“This is a real page-turner. I have never seen this incredibly complex subject that is micro transit laid out there so succinctly.” - Chris Nielsen, Founder and CEO, Electric Cab North America

TINY TRANSIT FOR CITIES: Cut Carbon Emissions in Your City Before It's Too Late by Susan Engelking:    Find on AmazonDownload